Aesthetics Allure

Aesthetics Allure

How young you look is OUR business...

Helping You Maintain Your Youthful Look

Your physical appearance is very important. It can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, it could make you the centre of attention wherever you go. If you want to look your best, then go to Aesthetics Allure in Birkenhead, Auckland. We provide cosmetic injectable treatments and appearance medicine.

Host your own Beauty Enhancement Session

Have you ever thought of hosting a Beauty Enhancement session? We provide the venue and the master practitioners. You bring the girlfriends.

Take note that a Beauty Enhancement session must have at least five participants. You may bring hors D’oeuvres and beverages. Keep in mind that alcohol is not allowed because the combination of Botulinum Toxin A and alcohol on the same day may increase the chances of bruising. However, we can celebrate the result later! It will be another excuse to get together and complement each other.

Hostess receives free area of treatment! Take note that conditions apply.

Book your Beauty Enhancement session today! Ring Viktoria at 0211847281 to schedule your session.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist people in becoming the best version of their selves and ensure they feel confident inside and out.